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99.9% Uptime

Our server uptime is 99.9%. This means that your website is guaranteed to be 99.9% up and running at a high performance. Downtime is a thing in the past, our Cloud Uptime is the future

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Free & Auto SSL

SSL is nothing but https://TRUST in your website making it secured for your visitors in a hassle free browse through it

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LiteSpeed Servers (30x) Faster

Our Hostizen Cloud Servers are using the highest quality components to provide up to 30 times faster page loads compared to traditional hosting solutions

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Our LiteSpeed web servers are powered by superfast CPUs ( AMD EPYC 7502P ) & large RAM capacity ( up to 512 GB ) to ensure a smooth operation of any number of tasks and background processes

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CPGuard Security + AV

We’ve hired the best bodyguard because we are serious about your security. Your data at Hostizen servers is fully protected with encrypted Internet connectivity, guaranteed data privacy and 24/7 threat protectio

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100% NVMe SSD

NVMe drives are up to 6x faster than traditional SSD drives. NVMe hosting dramatically increases your website performance, database response time and overall page loading speed


Choose Your Domain

.com $8.99/yr

.store $8.99/yr

.biz $8.99/yr

.net $8.99/yr

.info $8.99/yr

.us $8.99/yr

.org $8.99/yr

.xyz $8.99/yr

.world $8.99/yr

.co $8.99/yr

.gov $8.99/yr

.live $8.99/yr

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We Build Beautiful Websites

Your website deserves the best. All in one place, we develop your custom-made website which we upload on our super-fast servers. All of the web design plans include hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Uptime at Hostizen?

It’s 99.9%. This means that your website is guaranteed to be 99.9% up and running at a high performance. Downtime is a thing in the past, our Cloud Uptime is the future.

Which Web Hosting is the Right for Me?

Hostizen team suggests you make a list of everything you need such as: type of storage, bandwidth (though all our plans include unmetered bandwidth), the number of websites you’d like to host etc. Once you set your wishlist, then it’s easy to choose one of our plans. Have in mind that Hostizen takes care of your unmetered bandwidth, uptime performance, a safe hosting space & customer support.

Is My Bandwidth Unlimited or Unmetered?

Unlimited bandwidth is really a commodity. But because we want to go above and beyond for our clients we have unmetered bandwidth for all our plans. That means that we don’t even track usage while providing you with the best bandwidth so you don’t need to worry about the traffic on your website ever.

Shared Hosting vs Cloud Hosting?

The primary difference between shared vs. cloud hosting is that on cloud hosting the website files actually exist on multiple servers, these servers themselves are also shared so it’s like having multiple, duplicate shared hosting accounts. The reason is that with shared hosting if one of the servers goes down, the website becomes unavailable, but with cloud hosting if one server goes down then the other cloud servers ensure that the website remains available online.

How Save are Hostizen Servers?

Hostizen servers are enforced with a multi-layered defense architecture ensuring precision targeting and eradication of malware and viruses. cPGuard is the best choice for companies which are serious about security – and we are! Not only it detects attacks but also it blocks them intelligently, detects malware, removes threads and it has a clean up option. All to make you and your clients safe around the clock.

Do you Offer a Free Website Builder?

Absolutely! We offer Sitepad and other site builders. It’s super easy to use them. Installing comes with just one click and it’s free of charge.

What does NVMe SSD Mean?

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a communications interface and driver that defines a command set and feature set for PCIe-based SSDs with the goals of increased and efficient performance and interoperability on a broad range of enterprise and client systems. NVMe was designed for SSD. It communicates between the storage interface and the System CPU using high-speed PCIe sockets, independent of storage form factor. Input/Output tasks performed using NVMe drivers begin faster, transfer more data, and finish faster than older storage models.

Why Prefer TLD?

TLD stands for a top-level domain: the last portion of a hostname or domain. The most common TLDs are .com, .net, .org etc. Please note at Hostizen you can’t register the country-code TLDs such as .mk, .rs, .bg as they are not officially accredited by ICANN. Having that said, Hostizen encourages our future clients to pursue an officially accredited TLD.

Are Payments at Hostizen Secure?

Absolutely, yes! Our credit/debit card processor is powered by the e-commerce services by a local bank where all your personal data is secured. Furthermore, our website is secured by TrustedSite which has operated the McAfee SECURE services, helping websites build trust with consumers, and helping consumers stay safer on our website.

Where are Servers Located?

Hostizen servers are located in Germany and Denmark.

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1-click Installation

Server Specs


Cores 128

RAM 512 GB

 Internet Port Speed 10GB/s

PHP Version 5.6 – 8.0

Servers Location Germany

Satisfaction Guaranteed

German Quality

Servers located in Germany. Our customer support is always ready to help you in 5 languages one of which: English and German. Become part of Hostizen family.

Fast & Secured

We deliver you the best services all-in-one plan. Securily decorated with the best web hosting guard cPGuard. It’s time to enjoy fast and affordable web hosting service.