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Hostizen is created by talented netizens who follow their continuous mission in creating unique websites. We want you to feel Hostizen as your web home, cozy and comfy – the first and your last stop for your website and its hosting space. Our professionals love technology as much as they love providing a delight customer service so don’t be shy to chat with us. We also take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously. That’s why our servers are Earth-friendly and energy-saving making us proudly part of the green community.

Mission Statement: to always provide a high-speed, robust hosting service and amazing unique website developement solutions to our clients at an affordable price and a delight customer service and support.

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Company ID | MK5057020504102

Company Name | Hostizen

Location | St. Ivo Ribar Lola 35 2/9, Skopje, North Macedonia

Server Location | Germany

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